Saturday, February 1, 2020

Crafting from Inspirations

I had the privilege to be invited to a friendly crafting competition put on by Joseph Levin of Encounter Terrain. Many crafters from around the world would compete from their homes and submit photos of their finished products to be judged after 2 weeks.  Below is some of the images of my submission.

I sought inspration from a few places the first of these was a DM Scotty McFarland and his You Tube channel The DM's craft. He has many how to videos on crafting terrain and I adopted one of his to achieve the texture of this tree trunk home I made.

I got further inspiration from the "Girls, Guts, Glory" D&D podcast I have been a fan of and listening to. Dungeon Master Kelly Lynn D'Angelo had an Non Player Character named Heddy who I thought was really neat, I was so inspired I decided to incorperate him into my home brew world and campaign "Voltera" so with these nuggets I set out to make "Heddy the Saytr's home.

Using a Pringles can, some XPS foam, a little wire and plastic and a whole lot of hot glue and Imagination my submission was done about 3 days before the due date. Making a long story shorter when Judging came down my craft was voted the "Crafters Choice" award by my fellow competitors. A bit humbled but happy and proud at the same time I got allot of positive nods and even some appreciation from the Ladies at the "Girls, Guts, Glory Podcast" 

I hope to put up some step by step instructions of how I made it perhaps in my next Blog and if i can conquer the learning curve maybe even tackle a YouTube video. Let me know what ypu think.

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