Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Working as a creator.

It’s been a while since I have posted anything to my Blog. I have since retired from my day-to-day job as a postal worker at the end of 2020 and have plunged into some self-satisfaction as a creator for one of my passions Fantasy RPG’s in particular dungeons and dragons. Since retiring I have started my own little web page and producing digital maps not only for my own games some for free and some for nominal fees or access to all I have posted there for just $3.00  a month. You can check these out at the following link. 

Due to the lockdown and my strong desire to play Dungeons and Dragons with my group I first developed my VTT chops on Roll20 but got frustrated and fell in love with an up-and-coming VTT platform Shard tabletop. They took a more intuitive approach to VTT play and soon found myself backing their fantastic team when it came to Kickstarter if you want to check them out at the link below.

I like how Shard Tabletop organizes things for the dungeon master and have been so inspired by the VTT and the great support of the team I have packaged and published my first package of maps, a desert-themed encounter map pack, and my first one-shot adventure for sale on their marketplace.

Granted it has not made me rich but I have got to say I cut my teeth now as a creator. I soon had a group of cool creators from Dungeon Forge reach out to me and asked me to make a map for their Kickstarter “Tortles of the River Valley” the kickstart successfully funded and hit a couple of stretch goals resulting in some really cool 3D printed miniatures and a published adventure booklet featuring my map and digital versions available for download for VTT play. 

I am pleased to say that I am still working with the Dungeon Forge team on an upcoming Kickstarter I will write about in a later blog. 

My adventures as a Dungeon Master, mapmaker, and creator continue to expand I have started some commission work with Another game creator Trolllord games, and have done my First YouTube interview with a fellow creator AKA: Wizthrift that interview is linked below if you care to check it out.

All in all my journey into retirement and doing things I love has not made me rich but kept me busy and happy. They have made me see that becoming a creator for something I love is in fact doable. One would say I may not be blessed by the RPG gaming gods but they are starting to notice. Until a later post do what you love and Happy Gaming…